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Great Pottery Throw Down star gives workshop to Teesside youngsters

Great Pottery Throw Down star gives workshop to Teesside youngsters

Yarm Prep School were delighted to host a clay workshop led by Rebecca Norris, a star of the Great Pottery Throw Down. The event brought together Year 5 and 6 pupils, together with their teachers, from The Glebe Primary, Linthorpe Primary, Egglescliffe Primary, and Yarm Prep for a day of artistic exploration.

Rebecca Norris led the workshop, guiding children in making clay coil pots using various techniques such as coil building and painting their creations with slip. The workshop drew inspiration from Picasso’s ceramic work, with students applying unique designs to their pots.

Rebecca Norris’s presence was a highlight, offering inspiration through her passion and achievements in ceramics.

The event underscored the importance of creativity and collaboration. Yarm Prep School is committed to sharing their facilities and resources to provide enriching experiences to the local community. The involvement of many children, learning from each other and enjoying the creative process, was a testament to the success of the workshop.

Ceramicist, Rebecca Norris, said: “I hope that the children take away a sense of achievement from working with the clay and gain a new experience of handling it. Whether they find something they want to pursue further or just have a really fun day with their friends while learning a new skill, it will be beneficial.”

Rachel Shepherd, Art Coordinator at Yarm Prep School, said: “Rebecca’s achievements through her passion are crucial for inspiring the children. Having the space and resources to offer these workshops is hugely beneficial for the local community. It’s fantastic to have so many children involved, all learning from each other and enjoying the creative process, rather than just focusing on the outcome.”

Yarm’s partnership program has engaged 39 schools in 13 projects over the 2023-24 academic year, involving over 3500 pupils in more than 7000 hours of activities. The program is tailored to meet local schools’ needs, addressing budget and time constraints by providing on-site visits and flexible scheduling. The diverse projects, such as clay workshops, virtual reality sessions and sports afternoons, complement school curricula and cover often under-resourced areas. Activities vary from large-scale events like the Physics Roadshow, to interactive workshops and on-site days at . Feedback is overwhelmingly positive, with teachers and students valuing the collaborative and enriching experiences.

The programme’s success has led to increased interest from additional schools, and the Prep School Hall in the new Hazel Andrews Building, opened in January 2024, will support program expansion and new strategic partnerships. If you would like to find out more about Yarm’s partnership program then please contact partnerships@yarmschool.org.

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